Wools and Yarns

We are the leading wool and yarn shop in Taunton for knitting and crochet materials.

We stock a wide range of baby and adult yarns, wools and cottons from 2 ply and sock wool to super and ultra chunkies.

New yarns now in

Rico – Baby So Soft, Baby Cotton Soft,Anti Pilling, Soft Wool Aran, Melange Chunky, Silky Touch Vegan, Ricorumi Cotton, Natur Hemp.

Sirdar – Pattercake, Supersoft Aran, Dapple DK, Imagination Chunky, No. 1, Smudge, Gorgeous Ultra Chunky, Squishy, Tundra, Summer Linen

In addition to our existing range which includes Snuggly DK and Baby Crofter 4ply and DK,  , Rascal, Spots, Pearls DK, Country Syle DK and 4 ply, Crofter DK, Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK and 4 ply, Touch, Harrap Tweed, Colourwheel

Robin – In addition to 4ply and DK, Phoenix, Chunky and Super Chunky, Bonny Babe 4 ply and DK, Merino Baby DK and 4 ply

Wendy –Anapaphora, Attitude Ultra Chunky, Love It, Purity, Wendy with Wool, Stella

In addition to Aran with Wool 400g, Fleur and Pixile, Roam Fusion 4ply, Merino DK, Wendy Harris.